Ken Jennings Responds To 'Jeopardy!' Champ Matt Amodio's Big Wager

Photo: Getty Images/YouTube/Jeopardy!

Ken Jennings is Jeopardy! royalty but it appears as if he needs to make some room for others in the long-running show’s list of noteworthy champs.

Matt Amodio broke records when he finished last week with his 33rd consecutive win, replacing James Holzaur as the second champ in the game's history with the most consecutive victories. He followed that performance with a monumental Final Jeopardy! wager of $37,000, despite having $41,800 more than the next highest contestant. The amount for the last clue ended up totalling $83,000 and catching the attention of Jennings.

“83K? We’re not worthy, @AmodioMatt,” the official account for Jeopardy! captioned a clip of the buzzworthy moment, to which Jennings had a one-word response, “Woah.” Amodio inserted some comedy into the exchange by replying to the tweet, writing, “Now if only I could get that Ken Jennings smell out of the #Jeopardy winner's podium.”

While Amodio is certainly garnering headlines, he has a long way to go if he wants to take the title away from Jennings. Back in 2020, Jennings was crowned "The Greatest Champion of All Time" by the competition with a total of 74 consecutive wins.

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