I Am Woman, Hear Me Podcast: 6 Women-Led Podcasts To Check Out

Women’s History Month isn’t just about exploring unsung heroines and their impressive accomplishments usually relegated to the footnotes of history. It’s also about getting invested in what women are doing today, right now, to make history, change the world, bring people together, or make us laugh. Fortunately, it’s not hard to find these exciting women: They’re in all industries, all over the globe, doing cool stuff worth talking about. Podcasting is no different, so here’s a list of just six women-led podcasts hosting conversations about everything from mental health and parenting to Stacey Abrams’ romance novels and Stanley Tucci’s sauce recipe. They might not be roaring, but their power is palpable.

Laverne Cox knows the importance of an open mind, both in herself and in others. So on The Laverne Cox Show, she sits down for intimate conversations on everything from dating after 40, how beauty affects your job prospects, why fatphobia leads to discrimination in healthcare, and how to heal the racial rifts in our country with guests like psychologist Dr. Brene Brown, transgender reality star Ts Madison, professional dating coach Damona Hoff, and many more. Laverne hopes these candid, funny, thoughtful conversations help her – and her listeners – become the best version of themselves.

Paris Hilton is an influencer, DJ, designer, recording artist, philanthropist, host, actress, model, and author. Now she adds podcaster to that long list of accomplishments and sits down with a variety of guests to interview them as only Paris can, from her sister Nicky Hilton and her fiancé Carter Reum to Saweetie, Amy Schumer, and Patrick Schwarzenegger. But it’s not all glitz and glitter; Paris gets into parenting, fame, friendships, anxiety, and how the media portrays women like her and Britney Spears. Surprisingly deep and refreshingly real: This Is Paris.

Hillary Clinton brings a variety of guests together to dive into all kinds of topics on her podcast, whether it’s politics with Vice President Kamala Harris or Speaker Nancy Pelosi, books with Stacey Abrams, mental health with Allie Brosh, cooking with Samrin Nosrat, grief with Patton Oswalt, and much more. Samantha Bee breaks down politics on TV; Gloria Steinem tells her life story; Aasif Mandvi talks about how faith has shaped his life: Whatever’s under discussion, Hillary’s insightful and sometimes hilarious interviews are sure to please You And Me Both.

In the age of armchair experts, it’s nice to get a real professional opinion on some of the headlines and news-making cases of the day. Thankfully, attorney Eboni K. Williams and cultural observer Dustin Ross are Holding Court to peer into the mysteries of the justice system on everything from Anita Baker’s fight to own her master recordings, Britney Spears’ controversial conservatorship, the assassinations of Malcolm X and Fred Hampton, qualified immunity, celebrity divorces, and everything in between with savvy analysis and common-sense commentary. We the jury find this podcast to be essential listening.

Award-winning journalist and unbeatable interviewer Katie Couric has questions and she’s determined to get answers, whether it’s from the founders of the Lincoln Project on the future of the GOP, Dr. Anthony Fauci on vaccinations, Disney Chairman Bob Iger and GM CEO Mary Barra on business leadership, Ashley Graham on breaking barriers, Stanley Tucci on sauce, or Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger on election integrity. Katie’s warm but incisive interview style on Next Question allows her guests to open up as never before, leading to candid and revealing conversations. Any questions?

Dr. Joy Bradford, licensed psychologist, hosts Therapy For Black Girls, and her profound deep dives into late-in-life ADHD diagnosis, creating calm through meditations, maintaining digital boundaries, dealing with complex PTSD, consensual non-monogamy, or seasonal depression, answering FAQs about therapy and insurance, and even getting into the benefits of astrology, can be eye-opening and mind-healing for anyone. Joy offers applicable advice and powerful conversations on all things mental health and personal development with wit, warmth, and wisdom; let the sessions (and the healing) begin.

If you want to be sure you're listening to the podcasts everyone else is checking out, iHeartRadio has you covered. Every Monday, iHeartRadio releases a chart showing the most popular podcasts of the week. Stay up to date on what's trending by checking out the chart here. There's even a chart just for radio podcasts here, featuring all your favorite iHeartRadio personalities like Bobby Bones, Elvis Duran, Steve Harvey and dozens of others.

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