Get $15 Off All Your Uber Rides Through January 3rd!

We want you home for the holidays. Designate a driver or arrange a safe ride. Download the Uber app and enter the code E-N-D-W-I-20-21 for a $15 ride credit every time you use it. Together we can END DWI.

Step 1: download the Uber app
Step 2: The code to download is: ENDWI2021 when spoken it needs to be spelled out E-N-D-W-I-20-21

The code is good for $15 credit on all rides anywhere in the State and can be used more than once.

Exclusions: This code is not good for Uber Eats or driver tips and there is no cash back for unused amounts (i.e. if your ride only costs $12 you won’t get $3 back from the driver).

The code is good from November 23 until January 3rdonly.

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