Ratings For Aaron Rodgers-Hosted 'Jeopardy!' Episodes Revealed

Aaron Rodgers' hard work paid off when it comes to his time on Jeopardy!

As per TV News Check, the long-running trivia show saw a 14 percent increase in viewership during the NFL titan’s first week hosting the show from April 5-9 compared to the week prior when Dr. Oz was behind the podium. For his first-week total, Rodgers' episodes averaged a 5.6 live-plus-same-day national ratings and the playful banter between him and episode contenders showed that the booking made for some good television.

The three-time NFL MVP hosted the show from April 5-16 and previously won the title of Celebrity Jeopardy! champ in 2015. "I watched hours and hours and hours of episodes," Rogers told ESPN of his preparation for the gig in early April. "Luckily Netflix has a few seasons, and I went back to DVR. But I had to watch from a different perspective -- from Alex's perspective. I couldn't watch it as a fan anymore."

"I took pages and pages and pages of notes. I wrote down every affirmative that he said to any type of clue. I wrote down how he would respond if they didn't get it right. I wrote down beat points of the show,” he continued. “I wrote down all the different ways he would take it to break. I wrote down the stuff that he said coming out of break. Literally, I studied for this like no other. I wanted to absolutely just crush it."

Photo: YouTube/Jeopardy!

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